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Small Splurge

Day 12

The other night my roommate Kate couldn’t sleep so she got stuck down the tik tok wormhole. She ended up ordering a shirt that she saw in a tik tok that was rather overpriced. The next morning she was trying to piece together what time she finally fell asleep. She checked her email and realized she bought the shirt at 2:13 in the morning. When she looked at the receipt she regretted her late night purchase as she realized how much she spent on one shirt.

Today the shirt arrived and I was still baffled that she spent that much on a very basic shirt. It was definitely cute but she could have probably found a knock off on amazon for a third of the cost. There was another package that arrived today for me. As I opened my Amazon package I realized that I did the same thing as Kate. However, my vice is not clothes. I had ordered a new pack of pens that I was influenced to buy off tik tok. They were so pretty and they were gel which I like a lot. Now I most definitely didn’t need these pens because I have so many pens already. Tonight I loved using my new pens to write in my planner for the week. So, maybe it is okay to splurge a little on the things that make us happy.

10/10 recommend these pens


2 responses to “Small Splurge”

  1. Pretty pens! Pretty imminent Spring Break! 🌴


  2. So cute! I just bought some unnecessary pens at home goods yesterday!!


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